Langs Numbers

Ad-Hoc Assistance - Interim Help - Business Start Ups

Daily – Weekly – Monthly - Quarterly    
You may not wish to employ someone on a full time basis so Langs  could be a solution for you.

Sickness - Holidays - Bereavement    
Key staff off due to stress is definitely becoming more common so by coming in to help in the short term we may be able to resolve these issues for the future.

Business Purchases - Business Sales     
These are very stressful and time-consuming situations. Sometimes that short term help can take away the pressure, dealing with agents, solicitors and producing the figures required.


Business Start-ups
Getting your paperwork straight from the beginning is crucial!
Do you need to be VAT registered?
How are you going to pay yourself?
What systems do you need?
How to talk to financial institutions.

Business Owners
All of the above applies, as well as - Understanding cashflows - If your business is on the up you may well need more working capital.
Managing your managers so that they take ownership of their role within the business.

The Team
Use of accounting software - Understanding accounts - Systems and processes - Credit Control, managing your Aged Debtors.
Trust is so important and bringing out the best in your team helps people to share the load.

Set cost packages
Talk to Lynne to discuss for your requirements

Langs Numbers can help you directly with training or identify needy areas and find your appropriate trainer.

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