Langs Numbers

Sourcing Accounting & Management Software

Sage, Quickbooks, Access Dimensions,  Excel, Cloud, CRM?

Do you have lots of databases within the business?

Who does what?

Is it duplicated?

Streamlining your systems and processes could take away some of the stress and give you or your team more time to complete those jobs that are not being done.

Perhaps you are not sure what systems your business requires or how to change from the existing ones?
Our strength lies in streamlining systems and processes; identifying and overcoming problems which means reduced stress and allowing staff time to prioritise on other jobs. Just think what could be achieved by freeing up more time.

Systems quite often just ‘happen’ in a business. They are not planned or developed with any logic or efficiency in mind, just evolved with a change of staff or ownership.

Whatever software or systems you are using, change could take 3 to 6 months, so planning ahead is the key! When is your  business year end?

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